Kathryn Kay's Home Page

Who's this Kathryn Kay anyway?
The amazing poetess Kathryn Kay passed at age 98 on Feb. 22, 2005, but her poetry will live on in this website. She had quite a life.

My poetry
including formerly published, as well as some new additions.

Buy My New Book: Goldfish Privacy
being published posthumously by my granddaughter Sheralyn Pratt.

My genealogy
including my own life history, that of many of my ancestors, and a picture pedigree chart.

Kathryn got to know many famous celebrities on a personal basis. She's included a few anecdotes from their lives because they are great stories that are worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions
such as how did she get that nifty job a hostess at KFI.

Contacting Me

If you would like to drop me a note, please e-mail me: kk at kathrynkay dot com (use usual symbols for the "at" and "dot"). In case I can't receive it in the Great Beyond, where I now reside, I'll forward it to my son.