Pen Names

At the time of this writing, Kathryn has just passed away. As we go through her things we find that she had several pen names in addition to her most famous one, Kathryn Kay. When she married Lee Pratt, he discovered that she had something like five Social Security Numbers, which he worked hard to resolve. Of course, back in the old days, those numbers were not to be used for identication; it was only an insurance program.

She was Associate Editor of Parade Magazine under the name Karel Lynn. As her sons read through old issues of that magazine we found some of her poetry listed as written by several other people, such as Jane Kennedy. When I questioned her about that, she said that in those days there was a very small staff, and she didn't want it to look like she was doing everything. So she made up several other names to be authors both of the poetry and also the regular other articles. We found at least five pseudenyms in one issue.