Celebrity Anecdotes

© 1997 by Kathryn Kay,
All rights reserved.

From about 1927 to 1930 I was the hostess for the KFI radio show, called the Midnight Frolic because it began at midnight when the entire country could listen to it. It was the early equivalent of the Leno or Letterman show in that many movie stars and celebrities came to be interviewed. Thus, I had a lot of chance to rub shoulders with many very famous people and I thought you might enjoy some of my personal glimpses into their lives. I went by "Kay" as my first name and was billed as the Kay who put the "K" in KFI, which is still a talk show radio station at AM 640 in Los Angeles. I once even received a letter addressed simply to Kathryn Kay, U.S.A. Later I had a shop near Sunset Blvd. and Vine across from NBC, and some movie stars asked me to write special poems for them.

Here are some of my experiences with:

Ethel Barrymore,

Duke Ellington,

John F. Kennedy,

Sue Carol and Alan Ladd,

Don Wilson,

and others yet to be added.

Newspaper article about putting my poem on a bronze plaque on Mr. Whitney.,

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